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Cello awesomeness


Cello scroll

I know I’m a viola player and shouldn’t admit to these things, but for a period of my life (when I was between about 12 and 18) I desperately wanted to become a cellist as I thought they were *the* coolest people on the planet. So I took up cello lessons and was told, ‘You play the cello like a violin!’ by my teachers and any cellists who saw me play, and was warned sharply that playing the cello would ruin my viola/violin playing. So due to time pressure (and the fact that every time I played the cello I got massive blisters on my little finger) I reluctantly put away my cello and focussed on the viola, which I don’t regret (well, maybe a tiny bit!)

So, in my role as a cellist manque, here are some videos I recently discovered by a cellist called Rachael Lander, who was in the NYO at the same time as me. She uses loop pedals to create amazing waves of sound and her own backing tracks which to me is just beyond awesome. Enjoy.

Rachael Lander – ‘Get Lucky’ (Looped Cello Cover)

Rachael Lander – Pumped Up Kicks (Looped Cello Cover)