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BBCSSO Audition…

I found out on tuesday that I have an audition for a place in the BBCSSO on Tues 13th March (exactly 2 weeks from when I was told about it – argh!!) I had originally sent in my CV asking whether I could audition for extra work, so I was initially quite surprised at being invited to audition for a full position, but I wasn’t going to turn down the audition as it’s good experience to do them and it’s good to get your face known… As it’s my first full audition I’m not expecting anything and I’m going to go with an open mind, and anything that comes of it is a bonus.

For those of you who don’t know how the whole process of getting a position in an orchestra works, then here’s a summary of what I understand goes on. You’ll see it’s very different to the normal ‘interview-then-get-the-job or-rejection-letter’ process; bear in mind, that at each stage of the process you may be rejected…

1. Send in your CV to the relevant orchestra manager/administrative person responsible for recruitment. This person will then hopefully pass your CV onto the relevant principal of your section.

2. Wait for a response; if no response, then phone up…

3. Hopefully, get an email/phonecall inviting you to audition

4. Audition and hopefully a) get accepted onto the extras list and/or b) (better) get invited to do a trial with the orchestra

5. If your trial is successful…You get the job!

Anyway, wish me luck – I know I’ll be pretty nervous on the day!


Graduate musings

I’ve decided to change the name of this blog as you will see, as I have now graduated from the RSAMD (which has now changed its name and rebranded itself as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland or RCS – rather pretentious, don’t you think?) So, since I am now technically a freelance musician ‘living the freelance dream’ (as I heard one player ironically term it) I thought it would be good for me to continue blogging about my experiences.

Lots has been happening since I last posted on this blog; however, most of it has been personal rather than musical. On the 26th August, I got married to my wonderful husband Alex down in Warwickshire, and we had an amazing day with friends and family, followed by an equally fantastic honeymoon in the stunning surroundings of Iceland. At the wedding, my old string quartet, the Rusalka Quartet, played for the service and during the reception, and I got to join them in my wedding dress which was so much fun! (I doubt I’ll ever play the viola in a nicer dress!) Here’s a photo:

Since the wedding I’ve been living in Crail with my husband (eee, I can say that!) and trying to find work, not only as a musician but also through a temp agency and sending CVs to various companies (I also have a degree in social anthropology). I’ve also put up a few adverts for private violin and viola tuition, as it would be good to have a few pupils locally. (If you know anyone who is looking for lessons and lives within reach of Fife, Scotland, then please please point them in my direction – see the About me page for contact details). As a result of flinging CVs at all the Scottish orchestras when I graduated, I have an extras audition with the RSNO on 31st Oct, which should at least get me noticed if nothing else (extras are called when players are off sick or the section needs beefing up, but they always have more people on the list than the need, and new people usually land at the bottom).

I have also arranged to play at a lunchtime concert in the Younger Hall in St Andrews with my friend and excellent pianist Audrey Innes on Feb 1st 2012. We’re going to play Rebecca Clarke’s fiery Sonata for viola and piano, which you can see and hear on youtube being playing in the same venue by violist Michael Kugel here.

Apart from a Heisenberg concert in the Younger Hall on Sunday Oct 30th, that’s my lot at the moment. Anybody out there with a band that needs string players, or a quartet missing a viola player, then please get in touch!