A selection of funny classical music links!

If you, like me, are in need of some light relief, here are some hilarious depictions of classical musicians from long ago to the present day, posing inappropriately for photos and album covers:

(Courtesy of Classic FM)

The 20 worst album covers, EVER (featuring greats such as Rattle, Karajan, Nigel Kennedy and Julian Llyod Webber!!)

Particularly choice ones in my opinion are Julian and his cello on a plane together, whatever “Bachbusters” was supposed to be, and the epic fail of the pun in the “Handel” album cover. Bet they regret that one….


Some pretty awful “stock photos” of classical musicians doing their best NOT to look silly posing, and failing miserably:

22 terrible stock photos of classical musicians

Why is it that sometimes perfectly good musicians lose their sense of proportion and do outrageous things, with embarrassing results? We will never, ever know….


Nice one, Classic FM. It’s good to see that even stars like Rattle have their embarassing photos to look back on – I bet he cringes every time someone brings it up…




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