Photos with Gillian Gamble

I’m lucky enough to be friends with the incredibly talented Gillian Gamble, an amazing  artist/photographer/illustrator/social entrepreneur, and the other day I went over to see her to do some headshots for publicity and programmes etc. Below are some of my favourites from the shoot!

Gill is currently working on the illustrations for a childrens book called ‘The Listening Stone’, which is launching at the end of May. More information about it can be found on their website and facebook page. The project is currently looking for sponsors in return for advertising packages and preorders, so if you can help, please contact Gill via gilliangamblephotography (at)

If you like Gill’s work then check out her facebook page which has hundreds of stunning images on it. Her work has been featured on the Vogue Italia website and she was recently filmed by the BBC for their series ‘Show me the Monet’.


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