Term 2 placements at Woodside nursery

This term we are continuing to work with children at Woodside nursery (near St George’s Cross). Our theme for the term is ‘storytelling’: introducing an element of music into a well known children’s story to bring it alive for the children.

So far we have done a total of 4 placements this term (even though it is week 6 – how did that happen?), and I have been to 3 of these. Our placement team consists of Liz Lawton (flute, 2nd year), myself and Alison Miller (Violin, 2nd year).

Our first placement, back in January, was basically a recap of what we did last term, with a few old favourites (Apple tree, which the kids love) and a lovely wee song we composed in class called ‘Angel Fish’ which goes like this:

‘Hello I’m the Angel Fish , darling,
The prettiest thing in the sea
What a shame there are no other creatures
As gorgeous and lovely as me!’

The words are from ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and Alison and Liz supplied the tune.

The most recent two placements (18.2.11 and 22.2.11) have been more focused on storytelling, with our story being Goldilocks and the 3 Bears (we consulted the nursery to find out which story the kids were currently doing and they suggested Goldilocks). We’ve been trying to get the children used to the concept of dynamics, by associating each size of bear in the story (Big Bear, Middle Bear and Small/Baby Bear*) with a dynamic – ie loud, medium, and soft. This has been helped by using 3 different sized cuddly toy bears as visual aids, and last placement Liz and I played a game where she held a bear up and we taught the children to make the different volumes of sounds using drums, shakers, claves and castanets. I then read the story to them (so much fun!) and we asked them to play the right sound whenever the big/middle/baby bear was mentioned. Using props encourages the children to focus on the physical teddy bears and therefore help with their imagination/concentration/association, as they get quiet bored when listening to the story!

Next week we will attempt to teach the children the Goldilocks song – have a listen here!

*We are told not to call the bears ‘Mummy bear’ and ‘Daddy bear’ as some of the kids may come from backgrounds where this may upset them. Can’t decide whether this is political correctness or a sensible precaution…

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