Wiki skills


In order to contribute to our online community music wiki (listed in the links at the side), we need certain skills related to preparing, uploading and editing materials. Some of these skills include the ability to:

  • Describe projects in a clear, concise and easily understood way, suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Edit material such as shortening large paragraphs of text into shorter ones and summarising activities
  • Create a clear and attractive looking page that is easy to read, using colour, images, spacing and lyrics
  • Use software such as sibelius, scorch and audacity to create audio files and scores of music is used in the session and notate new music
  • Use recording equipment such as dictaphones and mobile phones to record extracts of sessions
  • Create images through photographing subjects and scanning images into computers
  • Upload files such as images, song lyrics and audio files onto the wiki
  • Contribute to online discussions
  • Evaluate and reflect on work carried out and write this up for the wiki

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