Goals for my year at RSAMD

Since I have to write about these anyway for my ‘learning contract’ (don’t ask), I thought I might as well post them here. Surprisingly, it was more useful than I thought it would be, as it has helped me see what I want to get out of my year at RSAMD, which is quite a short time, so it will help me to focus on what I *want* to do rather than what I am *told* to do.

  • To become a more mature and professional musician, developing mastery over my instrument and increasing my skills of interpretation
  • To increase my repertoire as a musician, including solo, chamber and orchestral works and newer works
  • To improve my playing technically and musically, for example eliminating bad habits that have crept in during years without instruction, so that I become overall a better viola player
  • To spend a significant part of my time developing my skills as a chamber musician, through small group work including string quartets (perhaps focussing less on orchestral work to allow time for this)
  • To develop my confidence and professionalism in performance by taking part regularly in solo and chamber recitals, master classes and performance classes and other performance opportunities
  • To gain experience of a career as a professional musician through taking part in side by side and apprenticeship schemes and experiencing life at the Academy
  • To gain experience of teaching environments and the use of music in a wider context than I am familiar with in order to see whether I would be interested in teaching as a career option

Hmm, let’s see how many of these I can actually achieve….


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