Aims for my course

This is my first ever blog post, so here goes! These are some aims and objectives for my course on Community Music – just some ones I came up with today but I might add more later or revisit it during the course.

  • To gain the skills necessary to effectively engage with and participate in a community placement, such as: communication, teamwork, working with very young children, creativity, spontaneity, adaptation of materials appropriate to this age group
  • To develop a reflective and critical approach to my work, allowing me to evaluate what I learn from the module and my personal and professional responses to the experience, through writing this blog
  • To experience directly the value of music in a setting outside my normal environment, in a community where it is valued and used differently to in a university/music college setting
  • To experience working in a teaching environment, to see whether I would consider teaching as a career option after my studies
  • To learn about different styles of teaching and learning appropriate to different settings, ages and abilities

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